SMTP, which is short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the software that enables you to send out messages from your email addresses. Without it, you will not be able to use email applications or webmail. When you send an email, your SMTP server connects to a DNS server to determine exactly where emails for the recipient domain are taken care of. Following that, it creates a connection to the remote email server and exchanges details. In case the recipient mail box is present, your server transmits the e-mail to the receiving POP/IMAP server and the latter brings that e-mail to the precise mailbox where the recipient can see it. If you wish to send e-mails, you should always ensure that the website hosting company offers the service with their plans. Even when you use an online form that site visitors use to make contact with you, you still require an active SMTP server for your hosting account for the web form to function.

SMTP Server in Shared Hosting

If you have a shared hosting plan with our company, you will be able to send out e-mails through our SMTP server working with any kind of email app as well as any device. The service is provided with our packages automatically, and not on demand or maybe as an optional paid upgrade. You can send emails from anywhere making use of our webmail as well as an email app of your choosing. The SMTP server also allows you to make use of contact forms in your Internet sites simply by incorporating the server name and your email address in the form code, so you'll not need to do anything whatsoever more complex than that to have a PHP mail form to work. You will find the needed SMTP settings in the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel along with detailed help articles for common desktop and smartphone email clients that will enable you to repair any issue if you aren't able to send email messages for reasons unknown.

SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Servers

You can use our SMTP server with every single semi-dedicated server package that we offer. This will allow you to send e-mail messages using webmail, an e-mail program on your computer or phone, or perhaps a script on your Internet site. You can start sending e-mails once you set up an email account in the Emails part of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and this is the place where you can find the settings you'll need. You can also look into the help tutorials in the exact same section and discover our in-depth guides on how to set up an account with the most widely used clients. If you ever encounter any difficulty sending out email messages, you can check the catalog of frequent solutions we have compiled for your benefit. You can use our semi-dedicated servers when you send daily newsletters to your customers as the number of outbound e-mail messages for these types of packages is substantially higher in comparison to the shared web hosting plans.